This is an attempt to collect my personal experience related to the presence, surfing, and use of the Internet since the early 90s. I would like to emphasize that the approach in Internet resources choose, collecting articles, photos, music, multimedia, and other materials is purely subjective. It is completely impossible to be professional in many fields represented here if you are not revived, Leonardo da Vinci. I believe that even if great Leonardo had risen from the dead he would restrict himself to a couple of activities which are immensely deepened and broaden since XVI century.


Taking in consideration that the Internet actually has become an enormous collection of various resources it is almost impossible to keep pace with newly emerged resources (since they are fresh and do not occupy high positions search engine results) and what is important – it is time-consuming to exam them. This occurs partly because of the fact that they are overloaded with advertisements, third parties content, images, pop-up windows, etc. In some cases, they carry computer scripts, which are trying to penetrate into users' computers and steal confidential information or, what is worth, make them “zombies”.


I would like to assure you, that you will meet nothing of that on this website. They are two things only, which are normal for contemporary Internet – the system installs “cookies” on your computer in order to provide you with more flexibility and comfort when navigating my website and user registration, which is not mandatory and will just provide you with access to more resources and functionality, like possibility to write articles on the website or download free content.


You will find bios, stories, statistics, photos, video, music and much more on the most prominent, beautiful, gifted, famous and less famous humans of all times. You be able to use the links to the best relevant resources on the web which are free from pop-up windows, malicious software, viruses. You might already know them, but do not have relevant links to them since the Internet is huge and you could lose yourself in billions of pages. Maybe you just do not have an idea of some events, subjects, technologies which I will bring to your attention. Anyway, I hope my website will be useful and interesting for you. Any comments, advice, and feedback is welcome.


This resource helps people to find websites that are reliable and useful while avoiding wasted time with websites that aren't and potentially could be even harmful. It's easy to participate (for registered users), because you can submit and edit articles in any directory provided in the left-hand menu.

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