Drunk At Comp

Survey proves that nearly half of Britons do online shopping while drunk.


How do you think, what fans will make, having learned, what their idol will give them a little personal time?


Google CEO, Eric Schmidt said in an interview with a Swiss magazine Bilanz: "There are clear signs of a bubble ... But valuations are what they are. People believe that these companies will achieve huge sales in the future."

Stolen Personality

The virtual doubles of citizens arising because of outflow of personal data, are capable of in many respects — to use bank accounts, to receive credits, to register the companies. And the Internet only expands opportunities for «theft of the person».

Chinese Hackers

The responsibility of all countries is protection our atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. The same rules should apply to cyberspace, which is crucial to the world community economic and security of all countries.