One of the first computer games has been designed in 1961, and business become popular in 1990th. Now it is already huge multi-billion industry. The infinite amount of games is on sale worldwide.

We wish to offer you original charts of the most popular computer games in 2011

Computer games10. The Sims

The main thing in this game are lives of virtual people which are called Sims. The gamer himself supervises a life of this mini-world. Game-life in which virtual people as well as real eat, sleep, communicate, read, etc. Founders have sold 16 million copies of this game.


9. World of Warcraft

In this game the gamer battles to monsters. Successfully carrying out of all tasks, the character of the gamer receives monetary compensation, experience, good reputation owing to what the player can improve game skills.


8. Lineage 2

The virtual world in the Middle Ages style in which 5 kinds of characters live: people, dark elfs, dwarfs and orks. In each of these "races" there are classes of characters. The gamer struggles with monsters, perfects professional skill.


7. Guild Wars

One infinite world: all characters of game live in one world irrespective of, on what servers are used by players. A unique map of the world: each group of people has an own map of the world. Huge freedom of a choice: it is possible to create the character, using set of parameters and unique skills which can be combined, achieving necessary combinations and effects.


6. Diner Dash

In this game the gamer acts in Flo role– a stock exchange broker, which gives up the work to begin own business. Thus, the actor builds up 4 restaurants. Each level has time restriction and the certain amount of money which is necessary to gain.


5. Starcraft

 Starcraft – strategy. Developers managed to create the curious Universe in which three developed and balanced races battled with each other. The gamer is offered to play in strict sequence for each of them and thus to penetrate into all subtleties of very interesting plot. It has been sold 9.5 million copies of the game.


4. Myst

The gamer moves on the interactive world in a kind of the first person. Here it is impossible to be lost from hands of enemies or not forced circumstances; a unique problem for the player are only difficult puzzles. For end of travel the player should visit all the worlds presented by game, moving to them by means of books and to collect necessary subjects.


3. Bejeweled 2

The gamer needs to collect crystals, but now in comparison with the first version of this game it became much more interesting. Gathered 4 crystals of one kind, you receive Power Gem which blows up everything round of itself. If to collect 5 crystals, Hyper Cube appears.


2. Half-Life

You will appear in role Gordon Freeman which appears in a citadel of the Alliance, assisting insurgents to struggle with it. It has been sold more than 8 million copies of Half-Life.


1. The Sims 2

The player is constantly disturbed with household problems and pleasures of protagonists which the gamer has invented itself. You can create the most mad virtual person: a copy of yourself, the full contrast of you, or the ideal superman. Your ward will get habits, preferences, unique character.