As is known 80 % of parents planning to get a child prefer the

certain sex. Men think more often how to conceive a boy, women are declined in favor of a female. If a pair already has one child there can be a desire to make family more balanced, having given birth to the second opposite sex.

It is considered that it is impossible to influence on sex of future child, so many doctors consider also. Certainly, it is possible to achieve 100 % of accuracy only at artificial fertilization. But there is a number of ways which can increase your chances up to 70-80 % (except for different «folk methods» and superstitions which we do not take in calculation). To understand a principle of these not difficult ways how to conceive the boy it is necessary to understand, how actually conception happens. Man's sperm possesses two types of chromosomes: a X-chromosome (female) and a Y-chromosome (male). At fertilization of ovicell (with a constant X-chromosome) chromosomal connections XY (boy) or XX (girl) are formed.

One more important point is properties of spermatozoids with different chromosomes. Female (X) are more hardy and strong, but for that sluggish and inactive. Man's (Y) in turn faster and mobile, but less strong and durable. Proposed methods of how to conceive a boy or a girl also are based on these simple properties.

Practical methods to increase chances of conception of male

- For the beginning it is important precisely to understand, when in a monthly cycle of future mum the ovulation period begins. For this purpose you can use a calendar of menstrual cycle, and various chemist's testers.

- When exact date is certain, it is possible to begin. Ideal time to conceive a boy is not earlier, than for a day up to ovulation and not later than 12 hours after.

- Before the first attempts to become pregnant, it will be desirable to not be engaged in sex within several days, thus, in sperm of the partner concentration of Y-chromosomes would be maximal.

- At a choice of a position for to conceive a boy it is necessary to prefer those poses in which penetration is maximal. So you will save man's chromosomes from the sour environment in the beginning vaginas and will give odds to them on start.

- With a task to avoid the sour environment of a vagina and to make it more alkaline female's orgasm deals very well. Do not neglect this pleasant way, as spasms during orgasm will assist to better deliver sperm inside of a uterus.

- During your attempts to get your partner pregnant men are recommended to carry more free underwear and avoid overheat of testes’ area.

Here are the basic moments of how to conceive a boy. Besides all aforesaid it is advisable a man, directly ahead of sex, to drink beverages containing caffeine (coffee or a power drink), it will give additional mobility to Y-chromosomes.


Practical ways to increase the chances to conceive a girl

The first that is necessary is to understand when in a monthly cycle of future mum the ovulation period begins. For this purpose you can use a calendar of menstrual cycle, and various chemist's testers.

- To conceive a girl ideal time of conception comes for 3-4 days prior to the ovulation beginning. Then, closer to ovulation, and during and after it chances sharply decreases.

- When you have calculated and determined with day of conception, it is necessary for you being protected to be engaged in sex (from that day as menstruation ends) before settlement date. Thus, the number of mobile Y-chromosomes in sperm of the partner will a little be reduced, and it will give chance to slower and hardy female X-chromosomes.

 - During conception it is necessary to choose position in such a manner that at ejaculation sperm would get in the beginning of a vagina, closer to an entrance. These area carries more sour environment and female chromosomes in sperm endure it better. In addition, a woman does not need to reach orgasm as it normalizes the sour environment of a vagina, giving more chances to mobile man's chromosomes.

When all aforesaid is executed, attempts to become pregnant should be stopped 2 days prior to ovulation, and it is advisable to renew them only in a following cycle.

This simple way how to regulate sex of future child have been developed 20 more years ago, but till now is popular and gives up to 80 % of probability of positive result. This percent could be increased, if use special tests at calculation of the ovulation period.