In the ancient center of Tbilisi, at the top of Botanical Street, there are the gates of the Botanical Gardens.

The Gardens opened to the public in 1845, having previously been the preserve of the Georgian royal family in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Unfortunately, the gardens suffered in the early days of independence of Georgia, but currently they are in relatively good condition. In its heyday, the Botanical Gardens boasted some 5,000 different species of plants drawn not only from the Caucasus, but also from other parts of the world. The area covered is some 128 hectares and situated as it is on the Sololaki Range.

There is a high waterfall over there and the Gardens are visited by hundreds of Georgian and foreign tourists every day especially on hot, summer days in Tbilisi.  It just possible to continue walking over the hills to the Krtsanisi district, where former President of Georgia - Edward Shevardnadze resides.

Just a couple of days ago I also visited the Botanical Gardens just for fun and to show my little child (he was about 5 years old) round a real waterfall. We walked up and down accompanied with the sound of falling water and suddenly on the high bridge over the waterfall, we came across with young people who were singing. We asked permission to take video. When they finished their song, they apologized for not good singing, claiming they were not in their best shape.