Pia Wurtzbach - miss universe 2015

The popular statement that men think of sex each 6 minutes is not actual any more. 

In opinion of the Italian experts, modern men does not think about sex at all. Since doctors speak about temperamental Italian machos, the situation is very serious. Scientists have drawn the unfavorable conclusions, being based on interrogation of 28 thousand men. Many have declared, that are absolutely indifferent to sex. 

Physicians have christened such apathy «a sexual anorexia» and have declared it as illness of XXI century. They say the abundance of the naked women, surrounding men is ostensibly guilty. Short skirts and a décolleté in streets plus hobby for porno-films. The visual satiation also leads to the fact that women simply are desirable for men any more. But some old guys still love sex and are a skirt-chasers. The home doctor of Mr. Silvio Berlusconi has been compelled to limit the patient in sex. Former prime minister of Italy have allowed to make love no more than six times a week. That is the man — both wants, and can.