Bulletproof Superman

At least one of super-abilities with which authors of fantastic films allocate the heroes, can become real in the near future. The Dutch scientists are in a step from creation of a bulletproof human skin.

Biotechnologists managed to synthesize the unique material which has appeared ten times is stronger some steel. Its secret — milk of genetically modified goats from which protein is produced — analogue of the main component of a web of a spider-silkworm. During experiments scientists have replaced keratin, containing in a skin of a person, with this protein. Around of the sample of an artificial skin they have created the alive integument with unique properties. It detained bullets during experiment — a flying shell in weight of 2,6 grams, with 329 meters per second speed, stuck in this "web". In opinion of authors of the experiment, slightly “edited” gene of a human will ensure production of miracle protein in our bodies.