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Onyx  (Anychinus Lapis)

OnixThe onyx is the last precious stone among the gems decorating Aaron’s gown. It is a red colored stone, which was used as decoration by grandees, whereas kings and the wealthy made goblets from it. Onyxes of honey color shades also exist. According to the explanation of St. Epiphanies of Cyprus, this stone was termed “prtskhili", because the fingernail of a man resembles marble, while blood renders it reddish.

In the New Testament, and more specifically in the “Apocalypse”, the gem named “sardonyx” matches the one referred to as the “onyx” in the Old Testament. According to A. Fersman’s clarification, "sardonyx" is a member of a multicolored chalcedony, i.e. the agate family. As for the sardonyx - the apocalyptic match of the onyx - it is a chestnut- brown colored striped stone. It is the brownish-red striped onyx, which is called sardonyx or “the onyx of Sardinia” that is the stone originating from Sardinia.

This stone had Benjamin's name written on it. Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob. Even though he was the youngest among Jacob's sons, he had ruled over Israel much earlier than any of his relatives, because Saul - the first King of Israel - was a descendant of the tribe of Benjamin whose kinsmen became the judges. It is worthwhile noting that the apostle Paul, earlier known as Savel, was from Benjamin’s family branch and that part of the Jews, who came and settled in Georgia twenty-six centuries ago, were the descendants of Benjamin's tribe (Moktsevai Kartlisai, IV c).

The onyx-sardonyx conjures away evil spirits, protects a man from treachery and deceit, endows him with courage and stops bleeding. It is generally believed that all varieties of onyx possess pain-relieving properties and can stop inflammatory processes. It sharpens the ear of those who are tone-deaf. In ancient times, sardonyx was associated with the magic of sounds. In this respect it is noteworthy that images of musical instruments, particularly those of the lyre, are often encountered on antique sardonyx cameos.

According to the Bible, sardonyx is the main stone of Leo (July 23 - August 22) and Jacob Zebedee is the apostle of this Zodiac.

Onyx and sardonyx restore the bone tissue of fractures, help cure neurosis, tumors and diminished hearing, enhance wound healing, regulate sexual harmony and cure the nervous and cardiovascular system.