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Jacinth-Ruby (Hyacintus)

RubyThis precious stone had the name of Jacob's fourth son, Judah, encrusted on it. According to St. Epiphanies of Cyprus, the color of jacinth can be compared to the brilliance of burning fire and its glow is like that of the ember. The same author describes the mystical features of jacinth: if it is rubbed on one's skin or if someone drinks the dust produced by grinding it, a true word shall be born in this person and his judgment will become honest and just.

According to Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani, jacinth is the same as iagund. It correlates also with carbuncle. As it appears all red gemstones rubies, spinels or others were called carbuncles, but most probably it was garnet that adored the gown of the chief priest Aaron, since garnet is a gem which can be engraved easily. The word "carbuncle" originates from Latin carbunculus, meaning a sparkly, a fiery particle. Pliny the Elder explains: “This precious stone has been given its name because it resembles fire, though fire cannot do it any harm. That is why some people have termed it “unburnable".'

Compared with his older brothers (Reuben, Simon and Levi), Jacob's fourth son Judah was endowed with a much greater divine gift: Judah's branch gave birth to David the Psalmist and Jesus who was born to the Virgin Mary, the daughter of David's tribe. In Georgian hymnography jacinth is regarded as gem decorating the Virgin.

Hyacintus is a Greek word. According to H. Smith, the oriental hyacintus is reddish- brownish or pink corundum. There is a belief associated with jacinth which says that the gem protects from hallucinations, perfidy and evil forces. Of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, Thaddaeus corresponds to jacinth (ruby) and he is considered the apostle of the Aquarius (January 20 - February 18), the sign of the zodiac protecting nuns and men of arts.

Jacinth protects its owner from the evil eye; it has a beneficial effect on gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system, alleviates mental disorders, depression and epilepsy, relieves heartache, it is good for the cardiovascular system, eases pain in the joints, and helps to cure skin diseases and all types of chronic ailment.