Keira Knightley

It is believed that the modern world is ruled by money and big breasts. But

 many men still like taste pretty girls with small breasts. Even some top Hollywood beauties are in favor of natural forms and don’t seem to hesitate to demonstrate their zero size on the covers of the most fashionable magazines - for example, Keira Knightley. She, in general, isn’t concerned about the small size of her breasts. When once a master of Photoshop added puffy bosoms to the photo of actress, she kindly asked to bring back what granted the Mother Nature to her.

The fact is that every girl is charming in its own way. And the girls with small breasts are not the exception. And there are even some advantages of women with small breasts.
1. You look like Hollywood graceful beauties of and some fashion models.
2. You can be sure that your boyfriend loves you not only for your appearance.
3. During conversation with you people listen, what you say, and look in the face and not at …
4. It’s easier to choose a bra for girls with small breast size.
5. You are not afraid to wear a low-cut blouse.
6. Whatever you put on, it looks stylish and neat.
7. Even if you wear open short dress with high neckline, it will not look defiant at work.
8. Family fun at the beach does not cause any inconvenience. You can hardly be blamed that because of your extremely sexy appearance seduced someone's husband.
9. You probably never had a problem with being overweight.
10. Put on the seat belt? A piece of cake!
11. Chest does not prevent you from doing sports.
12. In general, any swimsuit model suits you.
13. You shouldn’t worry about back pain due to large breasts.
14. You can sleep on your stomach.
15. Girls in the locker room does not come up to you with a stupid question: "are they real?"
16. Indeed, other women do not call you a whore or bitch.
16. His mother will like you for sure.
18 The food during an important meeting in a restaurant doesn’t get “right there”.
19. No problem to wrap in a towel after a bath. I even do not have to hold it with your hands.

From all this we can draw a simple conclusion: no matter whether you have large or small breasts, the main thing – how comfortable and natural do you feel in your body. Confidence usually gives charm to a woman.