Knee Ballet

Maintenance of the good sports shape - one of tasks of the modern refined person as it is fashionable and is useful. However it is frequent at quite healthy people after be in sports training and fitness-centers problems with joints emerge. Especially related with knees. All business in "trifles".

Knee is complex system ligaments, sinews, cartilages and muscles which serve as the main hinge between the ground and your body. Knees accept a greater loading in comparison with other joints, therefore it is important to care of their condition.

Bending of a knee - complex process

KneeDiseases of knee joints concern not only sportsmen and those whose way of life is connected with heavy physical work. Bending of a knee - extremely complex process of interaction of elements of a joint. The ideal balance between mobility and stability of joints is necessary, and for this purpose it is necessary for knee to be bent not simply, but also to slip in a joint a little forward and back, having turned then on an axis.

And such system should work every day. Count up, how many steps you make, how many stairs overcome, how many time rise from a chair. But the most terrible, that unlike the muscular tissue, the damaged cartilages in joints are not restored. After a trauma in an joint bag degenerate processes, or arthritis (arthrosis) begin. This disease cannot be cured completely; however there are effective means for simplification of a pain in knee joints at arthritis.

What can result knees in a trauma and, consequently, up to arthritis?

1. Run and driving on a bicycle with wrong technique

"The knee of the runner" - meets at women more often. Cartilaginous tissue is softened and loses elasticity. The reason of "a knee of the runner " becomes not run itself, but its wrong technique. Disease threatens you in the event that you often and much run on an inclined surface and turn in your foot inside. Besides the rigid surface of a racetrack and a thin sole of sports footwear also increases "shock" loadings by all joints, a backbone and certainly, on a knee too. "The knee of the runner" causes a sharp pain which  is possible to stop warming up ointments and sedatives. However run should be suspended for half a year.

From the point of view of human physiology, knees of the bicyclist are exposed to long and unnatural loading. If this influence on knees is not so long and also alternates with sufficient rest - it does not conduct to problems. But if you go for a drive with low cadence (frequency of rotation) on high gears, you can say goodbye to knees. Recollect, how twist pedals Tour de France bicyclists - cadence makes more than 80 turns in a minute. Other problem of fans bicycle - wrong position of a rudder and a seat. Adjust the bicycle before sending to travel.

2. Obesity

Each halves a kilogram of weight give loading in 2,5 kg of force on a joint. Superfluous 5 kg for knees which work without a respite, is the big loading. Facilitate their task - grow thin.

Excess weight threatens still osteoarthritis, when a cartilage-lining of a joint becomes thin. Adiposity gives complication if you already have an arthritis in the light form. According to doctors, two thirds of fat people suffer from knees osteoarthritis. At osteoarthritis when training it is necessary to carry out physical exercises with essential restrictions. You will accept only those kinds of loadings at which there is no loading on knees. It is necessary to refuse run on a rough surface in favor of quiet walking, and a racetrack to replace with a training simulator or swimming.

3. Dehydration

If you drink insufficient amount of water during physical activities, the joint’s bag allocates less synovial liquids which serves as greasing for prevention of friction between bones. Water leaves joints before the organism meets with thirsty. You can do one thing - to drink as it is possible and more often. Especially it concerns long aerobic loadings – running, jogging, go cycling.

4. Excessive loading

The sudden increase in intensity of physical activities or to their duration will lead to a trauma for sure. In this case sinews often inflame, and there is a pain in under-knee. If injuring movement repeats, the person can simply overtrain. And it is loss from a normal life a minimum for 3 months. To avoid excessive loading of knees, observe a mode of rest and work. For this purpose alternate heavy exercises to easy, days of heavy trainings with light training.

5. Ignoring of muscles of a knee

If muscles which hold upper-knees, a hip and a basin are strong, it provides good balance at statement foot and removes a part of loading from joints. Sports doctors specify necessity of trainings by the quadriceps muscle of thigh and a popliteal sinew alongside with abdominal slanting muscles, the bottom muscles of a back, and the top part of a hip. For this purpose perfectly suits med-ball (fit-ball): it is possible to swing abdominal muscles, to squat, carefully to stretch muscles.

6. Light clothes during a cold season

"A head in a cold, and foots in heat ". It is an excellent saying which ideally illustrates our case: the knee can be chilled, as well as any other joint. The inflammation which has begun after overcooling of an joint’s bag then will long remind about itself. Carry trousers from a dense fabric in cold weather. Especially it is actual for those who goes in for sports in winter. Not warmed joints are predisposed to traumas.

7. Performance of dangerous exercises in an exercise room

If you are engaged in an exercise room, refuse knee-bends in Smith machine, knee-bends in the Gakk-machine, knee-bends below a parallel line with a floor, "Sisyphean knee-bends". Replace them with classical knee-bends with a bar on shoulders.