It took 24 hours for a team of hackers known iPhone Development Team to hack just presented the operating system version iOS 5 of mobile gadgets Apple.

Hacking the OS - the so-called jailbreak – is a kind of sport: thus the opponents of Apple strategy, to close access to their own devices for applications from other vendors, express their protest. Regular user considers this as a risky procedure, but technically advanced jailbreak gives more opportunities and control over iPad or iPhone. People who can benefit from its results, are relatively few - IT-experts estimate that audience at 10 per cent of the owners of "apple" gadgets.

Incidentally, this principled opponents of Apple has created a store, very similar to a trademark App Store, but all the applications it offers run only on hacked Technology Apple (its volume - about 20,000 applications, compared to 90 thousand in the App Store, but they are free). And he called the store in honor of harmful caterpillars living on apple trees, - Cydia. As a result, among 200 million iOS units sold by Apple, 20 million – are hacked, and use its applications. It turns out that users have made respectable 14 billion downloads from official App Store, but could - 15,6 billion, if not jailbreak. And instead of 2.5 billion dollars from the sale of applications, Apple would have earned 2.8 billion.

Shortage - this is certainly a shame. But the "cracked" goods are popular among either " dissentients", or supporters of the freebie. But neither those nor the other are the target audience for Apple.