Business Idea

In today's fast paced world - a key factor in everything is speed.

Never in the history of mankind, the world has not changed in such a scale in just a few generations period. R Recollect what was 200 years ago and compare it with that 500 years ago - the difference is quite small. But in the last 100 years the world has completely changed.

What has been changed since then? Data transfer rate! Internet was designed and implemented. With the advent of the Internet there are more billionaires.

Excellent example - Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, the creator of the brand, which has become one of the most expensive brands in 13 years – the third after Apple and IBM. For comparison - the sixth is Coca-Cola, which is now about 130 years old! Early to make a fortune, people needed a few generations - it was transmitted through the family line. Now, this period was reduced to 10 years!

In the process of realization of an idea, from the smallest to the greatest, always interfere some "trolls." These are the people who are sowing doubts, spoil the mood and "eat" time.

For example, when Henry Ford had been setting the first mass production of automobiles he was told that he was a fool and his “canning factory” is nonsense, no one will drive these "cans".

Especially those "trolls" got indignant when investors were carrying money to the garage to two guys, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Boys are still playing baby-toys and you invest money in scrap? Why do ordinary people need computers? Such was the case with Bill Gates.

What happened, you may ask?

Yes, almost all the same thing: that Billy is a fool, who is engaged in some silly things, creates a product for sale, which can not even be felt by humans’ hands. How can you be such a moron? Get a normal job Billy, be like everyone else. If not stubbornness of all these people, these "trolls" would still be riding horses and enjoying a wooden abacus.

Any business you plan, opening a kiosk with beer, "cannery" or ICT-business, unfortunately there will always be people, even among the relatives who will mislead, sneer at you and raise doubt.

So, the choice is yours: or listen to "smart" people and their criticism or to act.