How do you think, what fans will make, having learned, what their idol will give them a little personal time?

To communicate, let even only on the Internet. Many will put off work, entertainments – everything and will start to struggle among themselves for attention from their general favorite. Cyber-criminals also have noticed this feature of behavior of aficionados. If still about ten years ago for huge money the things ostensibly belonging legendary group Beatles or a glove of astronaut Neil Armstrong, visited the Moon together with him were on sale in developed Internet-technologies age the approach has changed completely. Now, for example, it is offered to take part in a lottery where dialogue with a celebrity in the Network is drawn. Having received such chance, many users «disconnect brains» and get in flimflam lottery, to win in which it is impossible by definition, thus it is necessary to pay for each from fifty questions from 1,5 up to 3 euros. Rules of a pseudo-lottery which Internet experts have found on the Net. For instance, the prize was singer Lady GaGa as «follower» on Twitter. Not only that about 15 thousand participants have spent the money, looked unnecessary advertising so also risked as a prize to receive "follower-swindler” who is giving out for American celebrity.

False accounts of singers and musicians, presidents and directors, Formula-1 racers and cosmonauts in social networks, alas, not a rarity. Hackers got into account profiles of well-known people and did provocative statements on behalf of the legal owner as it was, for example, with the account of the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy on Facebook. Therefore it is necessary to approach to tempting offers of dialogue with a celebrity with care — behind a high-profile name the unpleasant mask cyber-criminal can be hidden. We urgently recommend the Internet-users to observe all accessible measures of protection and, certainly, to not participate in doubtful lotteries. And it is better to meet the idol after a concert — to present flowers, to express the admiration. It is both pleasant, and safe.