Sunflower Oil

American scientists consider tomatoes the most useful foodstuff.


According to nutritionists, tomatoes contain a lot of antioxidants. They also contain glucose and fructose, iodine, sodium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and vitamins A, B2, B6, K, RR, E.

In second place - bell peppers, rich in vitamin C, the third - the berries with a complex of vitamins and minerals. The fourth place is occupied by soy nuts that are less fatty and high-calorie compared to conventional. In the fifth position - natural yoghurt on the sixth - spinach, and on the seventh - broccoli.

Olive oil, lean beef and salmon included in the top ten most useful products as.
It should be noted that there are alternative treatment methods of various diseases, even such complex as various forms of cancer (eg , the method of N. V. Shevchenko) in which the main character of therapeutic substance is linoleic fatty acid , and the product of its transformation into the patient's body - fat arachidonic acid . Both refer to unsaturated fatty acids omega -6 family. In this method, the auxiliary is also ethanol ["vodka"], necessary for good emulsification of oil and its inhibition of premature oxidation. Therapeutic anti-cancer effect is proportional to the content of oil linoleic double- unsaturated fatty acids of the omega -6 in the mixture applied for the treatment.

In the daily dose used for medicinal purposes crude sunflower oil contains the highest amount of linoleic acid : 48,6-64,8 ml . AVG linoleic acid : in olive oil 8%, 25% of linseed oil and 54% in sunflower oil.

The consumption of eggs (an important source of arachidonic acid ), buckwheat and apple green varieties can significantly improve the absorption of linoleic fatty acid in the patient, the production of arachidonic acid from it - the main healing and anticancer drug, and as a result can significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment.

The method of treatment by N.V. Shevchenko consists in three times the consumption of the emulsified mixture of 30 ml of fresh–pressed extra-virgin sunflower oil and 30 ml of vodka (40% alcohol) - one dose during the day for 20-30 minutes before a meal (this interval must be observed ) and non- medication (including number of anticancer drugs and radiation therapy ), other than essential (for example, to lower blood pressure , or a surgical operation when life is threatened ). It is also forbidden to have any drinks less than one hour before the mixture is consumed. One course consists of 10 days of the mixture, 5 days of rest, following 10 days of receiving the mixture, again 5 days rest and the third 10 day cycle after receiving the mixture which requires 10 - 14 day break before starting next course treatment. Formula is as follows: 10 ( reception ) 5 (rest ) +10 (reception ) 5 (rest ) +10 (reception ) 10 -14 (rest ) . There are no strict requirements other than usual recommendations for healthy nutrition. N.V. Shevchenko claims that apart from various types of cancer all kinds of drug addiction, cirrhosis , hepatitis, pankreotita , nephritis, gastric ulcers , diabetes , angina pectoris , hypertension, asthma, arthritis, allergies and many other diseases are successfully treated. For prevention, it is possible to drink mixture twice a day - in the morning and evening. Very important factor is the quality of sunflower oil – it must be fresh (produced in the current year) and unrefined - cold pressed. Before use, the mixture to be emulsified, e.g. using a mixer. The oil should be stored in a dark and cool place.
The author of this article is mostly healthy person with some minor age usual problems (for example, a fairly high rate of cholesterol in the blood), as preventive measure have already received one course of treatment proposed (two times a day) and the results will be reported further. From my personal experience, the reception of the mixture is not hard business and in my opinion, cannot negatively affect the state of the organism as a whole, according to the author (and for some user reviews) can cure many diseases, including cancer.
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