The person feels vivacity because of autohypnosis, instead of because of action of this or that invigorating drink is more often.


Professor Uzun Chjou from Scottish Sent-Andrew University has decided to understand, of what the flame of a candle consists.


The top-secret military secrets of the United States are revealed. On Sunday 28th November 2010, Wikileaks started publishing 251,287 United States embassy cables, the largest pool of confidential documents ever to be released.

Sex Complicated

Announcing that the sports authorities were shabby, intrusive and untruthful in their handling of the case of Caster Semenya,  the  18-year-old South African runner who won a gold medal in Berlin in August, 2009 is one thing. Deciding who is or is not a woman is another. On October nth the International  Association  of Athletics Federations said it would try

Nude Ladies Kyev

We know that almost everything is connected to politics. But when it comes to beauty, it becomes too complicated and hidden. But we have exceptions to the rule: just recall Anna Elena Staller